New data from Johns Hopkins on outcomes after active surveillance

A new article from the group at Johns Hopkins has now confirmed that rates of prostate cancer-specific mortality and progression to metastatic disease are extremely low at 15 years of follow-up in their 18-year-long active surveillance cohort. … READ MORE …

Intense discussion of the future of focal therapy in prostate cancer

At a 4-hour meeting yesterday afternoon here in New Orleans there was intense discussion of issues related to the future of focal therapy and (potentially) to the approval of new types of device and technologies that might be able to deliver focal therapy. … READ MORE …

When should therapeutic intervention take place for men on active surveillance?

The fact of the matter is that, as yet, we don’t have a good answer for this question, and it may be many years before we do. The reasons for this are numerous, but we are beginning to get some of the information we need to clarify the situation. … READ MORE …

Risk category definitions, trial protocols, and clinical outcomes

Recent research data raise questions as to whether clinical trial protocols — and their results — are being skewed (notably for men with so-called “intermediate-risk” disease) by current definitions of risk category. … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news reports: Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today’s news reports cover items on:

  • Extent and number of biopsy cores and eligibility for active surveillance
  • Intermittent vs. complete androgen deprivation
  • Hormone therapy and risk for cardiovascular disease and death
  • Surrogate markets for disease progression in men with CRPC … READ MORE …

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