What’s the prostate cancer news today? Wednesday, July 29th

Actually it’s very quiet today. Nothing disease-specific at all on the wires so far. Probably there was so much news yesterday (click here and here). So we thought we’d update you on what The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink has been up to.

First, we are pleased to announce that we are forming a collaborative, non-exclusive relationship with the Prostate Cancer Mission, which is a relatively new and small not-for-profit prostate cancer foundation based in Florida. We will have more to say about the details of this relationship in due course. Currently their web site provides information about an event they held last fall, but watch for that web site to be changing soon.

Second, we have been working with a safari tour operator in South Africa called Afrika Unique. Peter Augustinus, the owner of Afrika Unique, has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and has decided to give a percentage of the annual profits of Afrika Unique to prostate cancer education and research in South Africa. He is now discussing this with the newly formed Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa. So … If you are thinking of taking a safari vacation in South Africa, contact Afrika Unique. You’ll have a great time AND you’ll be contributing to prostate cancer education and research too!

In the not too distant future we hope to have some more exciting news about collbaoative activities that The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink is up to. Have a great day!

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