Results of our first poll: October 16-23, 2008

A total of 91 readers took our first poll (and yes, we had hoped for a few more). The results were  as follows:

  • 22/91 readers were early stage patients (24 percent)
  • 27/91 readers were patients with progressive disease (30 percent)
  • 7/91 readers were patients with late stage disease (9 percent)
  • 10/91 readers were prostate cancer caregivers (11 percent)
  • 7 readers were health professionals (8 percent)
  • 18 readers were interested consumers/advocates (20 percent)

The good thing is that this is about what we were expecting to see based on prior experience.

We would be interested in knowing whether you didn’t respond to the poll because you did not feel it offered you an appropriate “category” in which to place yourself. If that is the case, please leave us a message in the comment box below.

3 Responses

  1. I really don’t know how to comment here, other than to say that I like the way you use your content … keep up the good work.

  2. Mike I have been consistently disappointed in the number of people who actually participate. I do not know how many people read on a daily basis but a 20% response in this type of survey has been pretty good in my experience. Did the %’s change over the time you had the survey live? It may be that it is actually representative of the group? I was surprised How may people self described as advocates because many of the advocates fit into the other categories.

  3. Kathy: The percentages were pretty stable over the week. If we assume a 20 percent response rate, then that gives us about 500 regular readers, which isn’t bad for a 6-month development process, given the competition today.

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