More bad news on the supplement front

According to data from the Physicians Health Study announced on Sunday at a conference held by the American Association for Cancer Research, and reported today in USA Today, neither vitamin E nor vitamin C have any effect on the prevention of prostate or other forms of cancer.

The Physicians Health Study involved 14,641 male doctors, all aged 50 or older, including 1,274 who had cancer when or before the study started in 1997. The physicians who already had cancer were included so scientists could see whether the vitamins could prevent a second cancer.

Participants were put into four groups and given vitamin E, vitamin C, both, or dummy pills. The dose of vitamin E was 400 international units every other day; for vitamin C its was 500 milligrams daily.

After an average of 8 years, there were 1,929 cases of cancer, including 1,013 cases of prostate cancer, which many had hoped vitamin E would prevent. However, rates of prostate cancer and of total cancer were similar among all four groups.

3 Responses

  1. Although research has now determined that vitamin E and vitamin C serve
    no purpose as regards the prevention of prostate and supposedly other cancers,
    we should not ignore that these vitamins provide other important services to
    our bodies. To learn their importance, a little exploratuion on the internet offers
    several reasons. Here are just two: one for vitamin E and one for vitamin C.

  2. Vitamin C also helps with weight loss by helping your body burn 30% more fat during exercise.

  3. Can we please be very clear that no one is saying that vitamin E and vitamin C aren’t potentially useful in all sorts of ways. All we are saying on this site is that the evidence is now in that neither of these micronutrients have any impact on the prevention of prostate cancer.

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