Manny “feels like a man again”

Today’s Boston Globe carries a story about Manny Hamelburg, a long-time prostate cancer patient and activist who finally got fed up with “zero libido for seven years.” So Manny started taking testosterone.

The role of testosterone supplementation in men with a history of prostate cancer and long-term medical castration is controversial, … but it certainly seems to have worked (with no return of the cancer) for Manny. The arguments for and against testosterone supplementation are briefly reviewed in the Boston Globe article, so we won’t repeat them here.

Is it a good idea in general? We don’t know. Probably all that anyone can tell an individual patient at the moment is, “It’s a great idea if it works. And it’s a lousy idea if your cancer promptly returns!”

Let’s add one more great unknown to the wonderful world of prostate cancer.

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