Out from the trenches; onward to victory!

Drs Stewart and Kurzrock have just published a provocative article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology arguing that major changes are needed in the philosophic and methodologic approaches to the design and implementation of clinical trials. We agree entirely with their argument in principle. We are skeptical, however, about the ability (and the willingness) of the beaurocracy of the cancer trials system to change in a way that would permit such freedoms for clinical researchers and their patients. [The full text of the article is available via the link above. It deals with clinical trials for all forms of cancer and is not specific to prostate cancer.]

One Response

  1. Given the difficulties in the funding stream and because of the activity of advocates this type of discussion seems to be increasing. I had a conversation with breast, ovarian and colon cancer advocates about this article. They felt very encouraged that the discussion has been elevated to Journal status from casual discussion status. Let’s hope that the discussion continues. The more discussion we have the more likely we are to have solutions and potentially new paradigms.

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