Patients cautioned about risks associated with impotence clinics

“Several men treated for impotence” at a clinic in Minnesota apparently “wound up in the emergency room with painful and embarrassing complications that, local urologists say, were the result of inappropriate and irresponsible care.”

The above quotations are taken from a report today in the Minnesota Star Tribune. Apparently, physicians “called in by one hospital say the patients had been provided with excessive doses of medications, which they injected at home, resulting in erections that lasted for several hours.” Some urologists are also accusing the clinic of “taking advantage of a vulnerable group of patients who are unlikely to complain if something goes wrong — men with impotence.”

The Star Tribune story notes that “there are dozens of similar clinics in other states.” However, a spokesperson for the American Urological Association (AUA) apparently stated that the AUA “has not heard of widespread problems.”

Local urologists have apparently stated that the Minnesota clinic “is the first local clinic they know of that treats impotence without also treating the full range of urological conditions and their complications.” The clinic itself has apparently “just hired a urologist who will become medical director.”

The “New” Prostate Cancer Cancer InfoLink advises prostate cancer patients seeking medical help for impotence (whether directly associated with their treatment for prostate cancer or not) to always consult with their urologist or oncologist and seek a referral to a recognized expert in management of impotence. The majority of such experts are normally urologists, but this is not an absolute requirement. Impotence is a complex problem and can have multiple causes. Careful treatment is essential. At the most basic level, men who take drugs like nitroglycerine (nitrates) for angina (chest pain) should not use PDE5 inhibitors such as sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis) because of a risk for serious cardiovascular complications, including death.

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  1. That’s what I am trying to create… An ever growing presence online about men suffering from impotence. They should not be embarrassed with this situation, but instead ask for reliable help that will not take advantage of their situation and fear!

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