The tale of the wise bear …

Once upon a time … in a land not so far away … as a perfect sun shone down from a perfect sky … Mr. Bear was ambling quietly across a little used bridge to get to the other side of the ravine.

Suddenly, two cars appeared on the bridge — scaring Mr. Bear into immediate and (literally) precipitous action … and he jumped over the edge of the parapet to escape from the cars.

In one of those desperate and amazing feats of self-preservation, Mr. Bear was able, somehow, to catch onto the edge of a bridge support by his paws and claw himself back up to safety.

Mr. Bear, at first, apparently tested his ability to climb down from the bridge by lowering his feet down the side … but decided against that idea and pulled himself back up!


Unfortunately, by the time the bear health specialists came to see what could be done, it was starting to get too dark, and they decided they couldn’t do anything useful until the following morning.

So, recognizing that sometimes even bears have no control over their situation, Mr. Bear determined that the only sensible thing to do was wait for morning too. … And, when the bear health specialists returned the next morning, they found that Mr. Bear was very comfortably sound asleep.


The bear health specialists went about their duty with care and caution. They rigged their Army surplus nylon net under the span of the bridge …


… tranquilized Mr. Bear, maneuvered him off the ledge and into the net with a long pole,


and lowered him to the ground,


where in due course he woke up, and walked out of the net and off to wherever he had originally been going, totally ignoring the 100 or so accumulated and cheering onlookers.


Initially, you may wonder why on Earth this story has any relevance to a prostate cancer web site.

Try thinking about it for a while. You may discover that, at least for some men, it has nearly everything to do with prostate cancer … if for no other reason than that sometimes — when you get yourself stuck in a problematic and unexpected situation — the best strategy in life is just to take a nap.

By the time you wake up, the problem may be resolved … all by itself!

Note: The tale of the wise bear is an entirely true tale. It took place on September 15 and 16, 2007 on the Old Donner Pass Highway, a now lightly traveled piece of highway near Truckee, CA (just north of Lake Tahoe), not far from Donner Lake and the Donner Pass. The photographs were taken by Robert Brooks of Truckee Animal Control. We trust we will be forgiven for using these photos by any copyright owner (if there is one). Our thanks to Chuck Maack for telling us about the tale of the wise bear.

2 Responses

  1. Great story. I think I shall take a nap!

  2. Does Chuck own a net?

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