What Johns Hopkins has to say about the screening controversy

Many readers may be interested in seeing what Johns Hopkins has to say about the two studies published just over a week ago in the New England Journal of Medicine.

This topic is addressed under the heading “Recent PSA Studies: What You Need To Know” in the latest issue of Health Alerts. Interestingly, in this article, Dr. H. Ballentine Carter seems to come down fairly firmly in the same camp as editorialist Michael J. Barry, MD, in his comments on these studies in the New England Journal of Medicine itself.

One Response

  1. Dr. Ballentine Carter is credited with believing that PSA testing should be done “more judiciously.” He is quoted as stating, “I think a lot of the overtreatment we see has to do with using PSA as an absolute cutoff. I think PSA velocity, how fast the PSA moves over time, may be a better measure of the presence of lethal cancer.”

    He goes on to say that, “I recommend that all men should have an initial PSA test starting at age 40. A follow-up test should be given at age 45 and then again at age 50.”

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