AUA annual meeting reports

As most of the regular readers of this site will be aware, the annual meeting of the American Uriological Association starts today in Chicago and runs through next Thursday morning. Your correspondent will be on site for much of the meeting. However,

Your correspondent does beg the indulgence of readers at his certain inability to report on every new prostate cancer paper and poster that is going to be presented at this meeting. Based on the abstract book, there are probably well over 500 papers related to prostate cancer that will be presented over the next 5 days. Many of them will be trivial. Some will be interesting but very, very early science. And a lot will restate things we have all seen a hundred times before.

The stream of media releases about all the supposedly critical data that is being presented at this meeting has already started … but most of these supposedly critical data are only really critical to the companies or institutions that have created the media releases!

Your correspondent has done his best to compile a little list of the key papers that he will make sure he is in the room to hear and see at the time of presentation, and he will get data from these studies up on this site as fast as he can. However, it is also certain that he will miss the occasional paper that others may think important — so he requests your forgiveness in advance!

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