Projected US prostate cancer rates for 2009

Earlier today the American Cancer Society issued Cancer Facts & Figures 2009, its annual estimate of the incidence and mortality of cancers in the USA for calendar year 2009.

The projected incidence of prostate cancer this year is 192,280 new diagnoses (up about 3 percent from 186,320 last year). The projected number of prostate cancer-specific deaths, on the other hand, is down 4.5 percent, to 27,360 (as compared to 28,660 in 2008).

Readers should understand that these changes may not be “real” changes because of small changes to how cancer data are collected and reported in the USA from year to year. However, it is always gratifying to see the estimated mortality rate drop compared to the pri0r year.

It is clear, if one reads the specific section on prostate cancer (see pp. 19-20 of the report), that this annual review was written before the publication of the recent articles on screening in the USA and Europe, let alone the revisions to the American Urology Association guidance on PSA testing or the announcement of the results of the REDUCE trial.

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