Metabolic syndrome, race, and risk for prostate cancer

Metabolic syndrome is increasingly prevalent in the USA and in other parts of the “westernized” world and consists of a cluster of conditions that are known risk factors for cardiovascular disease (obesity, high cholesterol levels, pre-diabetes, etc.). Several recent reports have also linked metabolic syndrome to prostate cancer — but have not had racially diverse populations to explore differences in risk.

Beebe-Dimmer et al. have carried out a case-control study among 637 prostate cancer patients and 244 controls to test the association between features of metabolic syndrome and prostate cancer. African-American men constituted 43 percent of the study population.

The results of their study can be summarized as follows:

  • Metabolic syndrome was marginally associated with an increased risk for prostate cancer in African-American men, but not in white men.
  • African-American men with organ-confined disease were more likely to have a history of metabolic syndrome than were the controls
  • There was no association between metabolic syndrome and risk for prostate cancer in men with advanced-stage disease.
  • Obesity was inversely related to prostate cancer risk among white men but was unrelated to risk among African-American men.

The authors conclude that, “In the present investigation, the metabolic syndrome was associated with prostate cancer risk in African-American men, but not in white men.”

The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink suspects that these data do add something to our appreciation of the societal and ethnobiologiocal risks that may help to trigger the onset of prostate cancer in specific ethnic groups. However, the underlying problem is likely to be deeper in the biology of prostate cancer development.

2 Responses

  1. Urgently needed:

    A definitive marker or set of markers capable of differentiating indolent prostate cancer from potentially aggressive prostate cancer.

    Are there prospects on the way that might benefit from fast-tracking?

    If so, let us know so we can support extraordinary ways to support early availability of a sensitive prostate cancer detector.

  2. Person suffering from metabolic syndrome have ailments like excessive fat around the waistline, soaring blood pressure, blood glucose, and lipid levels, and sapped HDL cholesterol levels. Metabolic syndrome can lead to hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and excess weight. One should maintain healthy lifestyles by eating right and exercising.

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