New addition to Scientific Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce that Mark Emberton, MD, FRCS has accepted an invitation to join the Scientific Advisory Board of The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink.

Mr. Emberton is a clinical researcher with particular interest in minimally invasive forms of treatment for localized prostate cancer. (And for those unfamiliar with this terminology, surgeons in the UK, for complex historic reasons, are always referred to as Mister as opposed to Doctor. They wear this title as a badge of honor to differentiate themselves from other forms of clinician.)

He is a reader in interventional oncological surgery at the Institute of Urology, University College London, clinical director of the Clinical Effectiveness Unit at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and also practices at the Centre for Urological Care at the Princess Grace Hospital. He has additional interests in methodological aspects of clinical research, including alternatives to the randomized control trial in surgery. For additional information about Mr. Emberton, please click here.

Most recently, Mr. Emberton is the senior author of a paper on whole gland treatment of prostate cancer using high-intensity ultrasound that we reported on in the past few days. However, he is also studying the use of focal therapy for unilateral forms of prostate cancer.

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