Prostate cancer news reports: Sunday, August 2, 2009

Only two news reports of any significance this weekend, on:

  • Pesticides and prostate cancer risk in Martinique
  • The transition from hormone-sensitive to hormone-refractory disease

Landau-Ossondo et al. have published data suggesting that there may be a correlation between the use of certain types of pesticide and the growing incidence of prostate cancer (and perhaps breast cancer) on the French West Indian island of Martinique, and that this increasing incidence of prostate cancber cannot be exclusively explained by the known risks for prostate cancer among man of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity.

Vis and Schröder have published a new “minireview” detailing the mechanisms by which hormone-sensitive prostate cancer appears to transition to hormone-refractory or castration-resistant prostate cancer. The link is to the full text of this article, which may be particularly useful to prostate cancer support group leaders. However, you do have to register with the web site to be able to downlload this review (but registration is free and you do not have to be swamped with e-mail that you don’t want to receive).

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