President Obama declares September 2009 prostate cancer awareness month

We are pleased to see that President Obama has officially declared September 2009 as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month here in the USA.

We are even more pleased to see that the declaration contains the following language:

My Administration supports prevention efforts and research to develop better screening tests, uncover more effective treatments, and ensure quality care for all who are diagnosed with this illness. We must ensure that more men are educated about all aspects of the disease including prevention, early detection and possible treatment options.

2 Responses

  1. I would like to know more about this and become an activist for my San Francisco community. I have become more concerned on this subject due to my husband dying from prostate cancer. I also have done a lot of research on this topic, because of my husband. He passed away September 8, 2009. Since then I have helped members my church, and other churches, and Black males in general to obtain a check-up and find out what their PSA is. I also have learned, since my husband’s death, that three of his friends have been treated for this cancer. In my research, this cancer attacks mostly Black males and research can not tell us why. Please get me involved. Thank you. Jackie Roger-Hunter

  2. Dear Ms. Rogers-Hunter:

    We will contact you directly with some suggestions as to how you can get more involved in helping to prevent men — and men of African ancestry in particular — from dying of prostate cancer.

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