Prostate cancer on NPR

Many readers might be interesting in listening to (or reading the transcript of) a discussion between Ira Flatow of National Public Radio and Dr. Martin Sanda of Harvard University that was broadcast on the program “Science Friday” on September 4th.

Although the program segment was entitled “The ‘Watchful Wait’ Approach To Prostate Cancer,” it is really a discussion about all forms of “expectant management” for prostate cancer, with a specific emphasis on the way in which men learn about their risks and their consequent reactions to a diagnosis.

Dr. Sanda makes a series of valuable and significant points about the way we look at a diagnosis of prostate cancer — but whether his colleagues in the primary care and urology communities are ready to rethink their behaviors to adapt to a better and more rational discussion of prostate cancer risk with patients is an unanswerable querstion at this time.

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