PCRI holds annual prostate cancer gathering

Over 600 attendees gathered in Los Angeles at the annual educational forum of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) this weekend to hear from a broad spectrum of speakers on current trends in research and clinical practice.

The meeting moderator, Mark Moyad, MD, from the University of Michigan, was somewhat distracted by a critical season-opening football game — but was smiling broadly by the time he delivered his highly entertaining but still serious address at the gala dinner on Saturday night.

There were a number of excellent presentation during the course of Saturday, particularly by David Heber, MD, of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition (“Inhibiting cancer with diet”), John Mulhall, MD, of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (“Erectile dysfunction”), and Charles “Snuffy” Myers, MD (“Second line hormone blockade”). Drs. Mulhall and Myers must have answered hundreds of questions from individual attendees before the day was done.

At the gala dinner, the second annual Harry Pinchot Award was given to Lyle LaRosh, the president of the Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group (IPCSG) in San Diego. Lyle expressed his great honor at being only the second recipient of this award, and expressed the hope that this would help to give added stature to the IPCSG across San Diego County.

Prostate Cancer International has been working with PCRI at this meeting to expand its initial series of brief video interviews, Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer, and PCRI has itself been recording all of the presentations given by faculty at this meeting. We hope to have all materials up on line within a few weeks.

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