Prostate cancer news reports: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today’s news reports address:

  • Diabetes and prostate cancer risk among Japanese men
  • The accuracy of T2w ecMRI in detection of prostate cancer
  • Escalated dose radiation therapy and treatment of localized prostate cancer
  • Erectile dysfunction and penile rehabilitation post-surgery

Li et al. have shown that a history of diabetes is associated with an increased risk for advanced prostate cancer in a population-based cohort study of > 22,000 Japanese men, but there was no association between a history of diabetes and overall risk for prostate cancer.

Roethke et al. have demonstrated that T2-weighted, endorectal-coil magnetic resonance imaging (T2w ecMRI) using a 1.5 T scanner had a good (but less than perfect) rate of detection of prostate cancer tumors of > 1.6 cm3. By comparison, this form of imaging was significantly less accurate at detecting smaller tumors, and detected 0/56 (0 percent) of tumors < 0.3 cm3 and only 26/285 (9 percent) of tumors between 0.3 and 1.0 cm3, while also identifying 40 false positive lesions.

Higher, carefully focused doses of radiation have become the norm in the past decade. However, it is worth noting that, according to Al-Mamgani et al., in a subgroup analysis of a Dutch trial comparing external beam radiation therapy with 68 Gy as compared to 78 Gy of radiation, only the intermediate-risk patients with localized prostate cancer gained a clinically important degree of benefit from the higher dose of radiation.

Garcia and Brock, noting that penile rehabilitation post-surgery is among the most controversial issues in the management of prostate cancer, have reviewed a wide range of issues related to the causes of erectile dysfunction post-surgery and the prevention and management of this problem.

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