Another new vaccine starts Phase I clinical trials

We have heard that another investigational vaccine therapy has started Phase I clinical trials that will include patients with advanced prostate cancer who “have failed at least 1 course of an accepted hormonal therapy.”

Full details of this clinical trial are available on the web site. It will enroll only a very small number of patients with advanced prostate cancer at two centers in Durham, North Carolina and Dallas, Texas. Specifically, prostate cancer patients “must have castrate testosterone levels (< 50 ng/dl) and 2 PSA values higher than the previously documented baseline at least 3 weeks apart or evidence of increases in measurable disease.” Patients do not necessarily need to have received prior chemotherapy and they may remain on hormonal therapy during the trial. Patients with either metastatic and non-metastatic disease may be eligible.

Patients will receive three subcutaneous injections of a multi-component vaccine known as DPX-0907 over a period of 7 weeks (one injection every 3 weeks) and will be followed for 7 months. For more information about DPX-0907, please see the web site of the developer, ImmunoVaccine Technologies.

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