What can happen “In a New York Minute” …

On April 13, 2010, Dan Zenka learned he had prostate cancer. … But why would we call this out as being of any special note by comparison with any of the 190,000 other men who will get diagnosed with prostate cancer in  America in 2010?

Because for the past 2 years Dan has been the vice president of communications for the Prostate Cancer Foundation in Los Angeles (the world’s largest private source of funding for prostate cancer research).

On April 13 his entire perspective about what he does for a living was changed. It became very personal, not abstract. And Dan’s blog may become one of the most educated commentaries on prostate cancer for a newly diagnosed patient over the next couple of years, as Dan goes through this experience with access to all the resources available to a staff member of PCF.

Dan chose to have robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery on May 29 this year. He was recovering well, but on Friday, June 11 he learned that he had positive lymph nodes at the time of surgery and would need some form of adjuvant therapy. On Thursday, July 29, Dan started on LHRH agonist therapy — with radiation still to come.

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