Advocacy we should all aspire to …

We have mentioned Winter Vinecki once before on this web site, but newer readers may never have come across this singular young lady. If you haven’t heard her name before, you have now … and you will be hearing it some more in the future.

Here are some core facts:

  • Winter Vinecki is just 11 years of age … and she has a passion (well several if truth be told).
  • Through “Team Winter” she has already raised over $150,000 for prostate cancer research.
  • Her father, Michael Vinecki, was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of prostate cancer on his 40th birthday, when Winter was just 9 years old. He lived for less than a year from his diagnosis.
  • Winter has already appeared several times on national television talking about prostate cancer awareness and funding for prostate cancer research.
  • As long ago as 2008 she was honored as one of four WebMD Health Heroes.
  • Her prostate cancer fundraising goal for 2010 is $200,000.

There is a current article about Winter (and her mother Dawn Estelle) in Sweat Magazine that is reproduced on if you want to find out more, or you can help to support Winter through the Team Winter web site.

So … whenever you think you are doing enough to inform and educate the people around you about prostate cancer — remind yourself what this 11-year-old woman probably did today!

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