Prostate cancer researcher gets major donation

Dr. David Agus — a cancer researcher at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine — must be feeling happier today, thanks to one of his former patients.

According to a report on a Los Angeles Times blog site, Dr. Agus and his research team will be receiving $24 million to support their activities over the next 3 years from Sumner Redstone (the executive chairman of Viacom and CBS) who Dr. Agus treated for prostate cancer back in 2004.

Why is this of any interest to the prostate cancer community in general? Because, although according to USC, “Agus’ research focuses on the on- and off-switches of cancer, as well as the factors involved in cancer’s origins and responses to treatment, including new drugs,” a good deal of that research is very specific to prostate cancer as opposed to cancer in general, and in recent years work from Dr. Agus’s laboratory has been seen as extremely important to the future development of potential new therapies for prostate cancer.

Since his diagnosis and treatment, Mr. Redstone has made a number of large donations to support prostate cancer research and treatment through the Sumner M. Redstone Charitable Foundation.

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