Genetic markers for prostate cancer in Japanese patients

A large study of genetic markers in Japanese prostate cancer patients has clearly shown that some of the markers of prostate cancer in Caucasians do not appear in Japanese patients whereas new markers appear to be common among Japanese.

Takata et al. report on a data from 4,584 Japanese men with prostate cancer and 8,801 control subjects. They were able to show that of the 31 prostate cancer-associated single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) reported to date in genome-wide association studies in European populations, a total of 19 of the same SNPs also occurred in the Japanese population. However, 12/31 SNPs found in European populations appear to have no association to prostate cancer in the Japanese.

In addition, Takata et al. report on five new SNPs that appear to be associated with prostate cancer susceptibility in this group of Japanese patients.

These findings clearly demonstrate the genetic heterogeneity of prostate cancer susceptibility among different ethnic populations.

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