Ask the NFL to support prostate cancer awareness

Dan Zenka and the Prostate Cancer Foundation have set up two online petitions asking the National Football League (NFL) to “step up” and support the cause for prostate cancer.

The NFL does a great job of supporting breast cancer during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (in October). In 2011 let’s get NFL players in light blue during National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September). Sign on to one of the two online petitions to let the football community know that there is support behind this request.

If you have a Facebook account, click here to use the Facebook petition. If you prefer not to go through Facebook, just add your signature here. (There’s no need to donate once your signature is added.)

8 Responses

  1. Isn’t it obvious? Men are expendable; they don’t count.

  2. And if you think like that, you’re right.

  3. 180,000 men will be newly diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone, of which 37,000 will die. A man’s statistical chance of death is almost always greater than a woman’s. Approximately 40,000 women die from breast cancer every year.

    And yet you will not see a female-dominated sport supporting anything for men.


  4. Don’t begrudge a good organization’s good work.

    Baseball did its prostate thing and no one noticed. Why? because men don’t want to know or hear about this disease. Hell, even on this site a lot of people do not want early screening.

    The message is not clear. It does not resonate with the target group and the experts can agree. No wonder it does not work.

  5. There should be an annual Prostate Cancer Awareness day and walk like there is for Breast Cancer.

  6. Dear Derynne:

    There is a whole prostate cancer awareness month (September), a specific prostate cancer awareness week (the third week in September), and literally hundreds of of walks and runs every year. They just don’t get the same attention and publicity as Komen for the Cure has been able to bring to breast cancer awareness.

  7. Prostate cancer can hit … any man … anytime … always in the prostate … Don’t take the chance … get the test … make sure you are free and if not, please god, get something done a.s.a.p.

    Even athletes are susceptible to the disease, so the NFL should be the ideal vehicle to get the message across.

  8. As usual the NFL has dropped the ball and has not supported it’s players/alumni as it should. The campaign needs to be redesigned with better organization. There are too many splintered groups with no unified focus.

    It needs to have national, regional, local, and community plans and men need to get off their asses and participate!

    Bucky Dilts
    Denver Broncos 77-78 Baltimore Colts 79 Prostate Cancer Survivor Get checked

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