Prostate cancer news reports: Monday, October 25, 2010

Today’s news reports address:

  • Urinary estrogen metabolites and prostate cancer risk
  • Prostate hyperthermia in combination with radiation and hormone therapy
  • Stem cells and development of androgen resistance
  • Reviews of the appropriate management of high-risk, localized prostate cancer and the use of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT)

Kosti et al. have reported on the possibility that urinary levels of selected estrogen metabolites may have value in the assessment of risk for prostate cancer, and that the relative levels of androgens and estrogens may also influence that risk.

Hurwitz et al. have published the long-term results of a small, pilot trial of hyperthermia + radiation therapy + ADT for the treatment of men with locally advanced forms of prostate cancer. This small study, conducted at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, appears to show that additional warming of the prostate to about 43ºC using ultrasound therapy may increase the clinical effectiveness of radiation and ADT.

Placencio et al. have suggested that mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs which develop in the bone marrow (perhaps better defined as multipotent stromal cells) may be involved in the progression of prostate cancer from androgen sensitive to androgen resistant and thus to metastatic castration-resistant disease.

Koupparis and Gleave have reviewed the optimal management of high-risk, localized prostate cancer, with an emphasis on traditional and newer, “multimodal” approaches.

Quon and Loblaw have reviewed the appropriate indications for use of ADT in  current clinical practice.

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