Agenda/abstracts for IMPaCT meeting available on line

Every two years, the Prostate Cancer Research Program of the Department of Defense’s Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program holds the “Innovative Minds in Prostate Cancer Today” or IMPaCT meeting. The next such meeting will be held on March 9 to 12 this year in Orlando, Florida.

Attendance at this meeting is by invitation only, but full details of the program agenda and a searchable database of about 650 abstracts are now available on line for anyone who wishes to go searching for data on topics of individual interest. Data presented at this meeting often focus on issues that are still a long way from  specific application in the treatment of prostate cancer. Thes easiest way to find abstracts that you might be of intwant to read is to look through the program book to find titles of interest and then use the search system to find the full abstract.

The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink has been invited to attend the meeting and will be able to report on some of the presentations given in Orlando, but (unfortunately) thorough coverage of all 650 posters isn’t going to be a realistic opportunity! We will just be doing our best to bring our readers the high points from this meeting, as usual.

A key feature of the PCRP and the IMPaCT meeting is the high degree of involvement of members of the prostate cancer survivor community in the discussions around which research gets funded by PCRP and the development of the agenda for the IMPaCT meeting. For prostate cancer survivors who really want to get involved in helping to determine the future directions of prostate cancer research, contacting the CDMRP and applying to become a consumer reviewer for the PCRP may be a highly rewarding experience.

The PCRP is the single largest initiative funded by the US government that directs money specifically to research on prostate cancer.

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  1. I was so looking forward to attending the coming IMPaCT conference, having done so in 2007. With simultaneous pulmonary embolisms to both lungs on December 28, a week in the hospital, and continuing blood thinner to hopefully prevent a recurrence, I was advised it was not prudent to travel this early following the foregoing “event.” I had to notify the CDMRP staff who had already booked my airline schedule to, with regret, remove me from participants attending. I will miss meeting many advocates and mentors I have met in the past and new ones I have come to know on the several prostate cancer support lists, as well as the staff of this InfoLink who will be present. As noted by the webmaster, participating as a Consumer Reviewer on CDMRP scientific research panels is extremely rewarding to prostate cancer patients invited to participate, and I encourage those of you with absolute interest in learning more regarding our insidious men’s disease to submit your names or the names of men you would recommend to CDMRP for consideration.

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