Please donate free prostate cancer books for the newly diagnosed

Terry Herbert has started a potentially valuable new resource on the Yananow web site through which experienced patients can distribute books and other educational resources that they no longer need to newly diagnosed patients.

If you go to the “Pay It Forward Books” page on the Yananow web site, you can either let people know what books you are willing to give away to others who might need them or search for books that you think you might benefit from reading if you are newly diagnosed.

At present the list of resources is small, but we encourage people to make unused materials available to others.

People asking to receive these resources might want to consider offering to cover the costs of postage for delivery.

4 Responses

  1. Great idea! I’ll post what I have. Those who want the books can get them via book rate at a lower postal rate (in the U.S.).

  2. The link doesn’t work. I’ve tried for the last two days.

  3. Sorry Bob … This link has been fixed.

  4. Here’s another suggestion along the same lines …

    We maintain a library in our support group and most of he books have been donated by men passing through. We have a very successful group meeting weekly with 20 to 40 attendees (men and women) so the volume is there, so the library system works well. Personally, I have borrowed Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers and Snuffy Meyers hormone therapy book in the past 3 months.

    Our septogenarian librarian, who loves the group so much he attends despite not having prostate cancer (!!!), does maintain lending records in a girly calendar but that is not a requirement for success.


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