80 drugs in development for prostate cancer, says PhRMA

According to a report issued earlier today by PhRMA (formerly known as the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association), there are approximately 80 drugs currently in clinical development for the treatment of prostate cancer.

This 2011 report (“Medicines in Development for Cancer“) seems to contain a few drugs that have already failed in late stage clinical trials for prostate cancer, but then it also does not include some drugs that have entered clinical trials more recently (e.g., Exelixis’s XL184). In fairness to PhRMA, it is extremely difficult to keep an accurate tally of all the drugs in clinical development for all the various types of cancer at a specific point in time, and the report lists nearly 900 drugs in total — more than double the number in clinical development in 2005.

A media release from PhRMA is also available.

4 Responses

  1. And not one of them will work.

  2. Dear Chris:

    One of them (abiraterone) already appears to “work.” Another one, MDV3100, shows a high probability of “working.”

    If you mean that not one of them will cure prostate cancer, I think that is a pretty safe bet. So far the number of drugs or drug combinations that have ever been able to induce long-term remissions in a high percentage of cancer patients of specific types is still extremely limited. Should we stop trying?

  3. No. keep trying.

  4. You got it!

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