Building a stronger (and bluer) prostate cancer community

On May 4 last year, Dan Zenka of the Prostate Cancer Foundation started a campaign to light the White House blue for one night during Prostate Cancer Awareness Week. This year, Malecare has taken up the challenge too.

If you click here you will be taken to the Light the White House Blue web site, where you can sign an on-line petition to the president and give your personal opinion about why it is so important to recognize and foster the need for prostate cancer awareness.

Although we weren’t successful in getting the White House to act on our request last year , we need to be determined, to keep trying, and to be willing to make this effort.

Malecare has told us that more than 1,000 people have already sign the online petition, and 300 of those signers have added a personal story or opinion. So don’t be one of those guys who simply say, “Well that isn’t going to change much.” Become one of those guys who says, “I can and I will make a difference.” Sign the petition. Then call the White House too, to let them know you signed the petition. Here’s the number to call: 202-456-1111. And if you want to send at e-mail as well, go to Contact the White House.

It”s time for us guys to get off our f** a**** and make an effort. You think the breast cancer community gets the recognition it gets without hard work? Of course you don’t. You know it takes effort. So let’s start to make some.

The National Football League and Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League and Grocers Against Cancer and whoever else you can think of are only going to start to help to raise serious money for prostate cancer research when we start to show that we will make the effort with or without them.

And by the way, for the last three years Canada and Australia have both raised more money for prostate cancer research during “Movember” than the USA. We should be ashamed. Canada has a total population of about 34 million people and Australia has only about 22 million. By comparison, the good ol’ USA has a population of more than 310 million — going on 10 times more than Canada’s and 14 times more than Australia’s.

This year we are expecting some support so that we can whup those Canadians big time! The following year we expect to be able to whup the Aussies’s too. To do THAT we will need to raise about $25 million in Movember 2012 — so start planning your participation and strategy now!

Last but not least … You don’t have to take just our word for all this … Listen to Rick Lyke, who founded the Pints for Prostates initiative, writing on Dan Zenka’s blog earlier this year:

If we want greater attention paid to prostate cancer we all have to step up and make a commitment to supporting the groups, companies, events and products that will help us achieve this goal. It starts by working together. Let’s all make a personal commitment to show up and build a stronger prostate cancer community.

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  1. Amen!

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