The PSA screening debate — it’s not going away, but …

An article in the May issue of Oncology, and available in full on line, provides a detailed assessment of  the current use and the potential future use of PSA testing in assessment of risk for prostate cancer. It is worth noting that one of the authors of this article is E. David Crawford, MD — one of the founders of Prostate Cancer Awareness Week and an early advocate of the potential of widespread PSA testing for prostate cancer risk.

We think that many readers of this newsblog should and will want to read this article by Croswell et al. in full for themselves, so we shall refrain from providing our own comments, except to note the following concluding sentence:

As we move ahead, it is critical that we admit our past enthusiasm was too strong, and that clinicians have clear and careful discussions with men about the continued uncertainty of the overall value of PSA screening, including information about the documented potential for harm, particularly in terms of overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

Commentary on this article by authors with alternative viewpoints is provided in supplementary articles by:

Apparently this article was one of the most widely e-mailed articles by readers of Oncology in May.

4 Responses

  1. In my opinion, the subsequent commentary by Chen et al. provides more reasonable consideration.

  2. AH HA again !

  3. Everyone who perceives themselves to be an advocate for men with prostate cancer should have to read the second to last paragraph of the Croswell et al. piece.

  4. Tracy:

    Reading that paragraph is one thing. Accepting and understanding it is rather more difficult for many of the potential readers … for exactly the reasons it describes!

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