Great Nonprofits “top-rates” Prostate Cancer International (thanks to you)

We are pleased to announce that Prostate Cancer International (the parent non-profit organization that provides the services of this web site) has been rated as one of 122 “Top-Rated Health Nonprofit”  organizations based in the USA by Great NonProfits as a consequence of their recent “Health Campaign 2011.”

To see all of the reviews about Prostate Cancer International submitted by the users of this site and our social network, please click here. (And please feel able to add more!)

We note that two other members of the Prostate Cancer RoundtableUs TOO International and Malecare — were also similarly rated by Great Nonprofits, based on feedback from their user and member communities, so we would like to take this opportunity to recognize them for their efforts too.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all of the individuals who made this possible by submitting complimentary comments about Prostate Cancer International and its services to the Great NonProfits web service last week.

3 Responses

  1. Please note that the North Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition made the list as well.

  2. A very well-deserved acclamation. The relationship I have enjoyed with PCaI has been very beneficial to me as I work in prostate cancer advocacy, education, support, and as a survivor. Thanks to Mike, Arnon, and Angela. I consider PCaI a truly heroic effort …

  3. I’m glad that an organization that is focused on PCa received a high rating. Unfortunately, when one does a search on “prostate” in Charity Navigator,, “America’s premier independent charity evaluator,” the three prostate cancer organizations rated receive poor marks.

    Many donors check the ratings on Charity Navigator and will not contribute to those who receive a poor rating. The highest rated charities usually spend less than 20% on fundraising and admin expenses. The lowest rated ones spend much more.

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