The USPSTF recommendation … How to comment

The following statement about how to comment on the USPSTF recommendation that uninformed, mass screening of men for risk of prostate cancer is not supported by available evidence can be found on the USPSTF web site:

Opportunities for Public Comment on Draft USPSTF Recommendation Statements

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is inviting public comment on its draft Recommendation Statements before they are published. The USPSTF is a national, independent panel of medical experts that makes recommendations, based on scientific evidence, to primary care doctors and other health care providers about which clinical preventive services they should offer their patients.

The USPSTF is taking this new step as part of its ongoing effort to keep its work and methods clear to the public it serves.

Please look at these draft Recommendation Statements and offer your comments on the USPSTF’s decisions and how the decisions are communicated. The USPSTF is seeking comments to help make the Recommendation Statements more useful for the primary care provider. All comments will be considered fully as the USPSTF finalizes these recommendations.

How to Comment

Any visitor to this site can comment on any USPSTF draft Recommendation Statements listed here. However, readers should note that the USPSTF writes its recommendations for primary care doctors and other health care providers, using medical and scientific language as appropriate for this audience.

To comment, click on the title of the draft Recommendation Statement at top right. Comments must be received before the comment deadline listed below each title. The comment period for draft Recommendation Statements is 4 weeks.

Once the draft Recommendation Statement is removed from the public comment page, the USPSTF begins considering comments and finalizing the Recommendation Statement. Until the final Recommendation Statement is published, the USPSTF considers the Recommendation Statements on its Web site to be current.

You will receive acknowledgement that your comments have been transmitted. At the present time, the USPSTF can not provide responses to individual comments.

If you wish to comment after carefully reading this statement, please click here. However, The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink advises you that just going to this web site and and stating in some way that you think this is a bad decision is not going to carry much weight. Your comments will need to be carefully backed with sound scientific evidence for your reasoning.

2 Responses

  1. I tried since yesterday … I get this message:

    “Technical Difficulties

    “We are experiencing technical difficulties, and are unable to receive comments at this time. We are working to correct this problem as of 5:00 PM Eastern time, October 11, 2011. We regret any inconvenience that this may cause you.”

  2. “You will receive acknowledgement that your comments have been transmitted. At the present time, the USPSTF can not provide responses to individual comments.”

    After more than a week after submitting my comments, I have not received any acknowledgement. It also seems that you are able to submit comments repeatedly.

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