Sequencing of treatment with new therapeutic agents for advanced prostate cancer

The January 2012 issue of Oncology contains an open access, full-text article on the future sequencing of the recently approved and potentially new drugs that are or should soon be available for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

Because this full text article by Crawford and Flaig is available on line, we simply refer readers to it to form their own opinions, but the article may be a useful resource for prostate cancer support group leaders and other prostate cancer educators.

One Response

  1. Mike

    Thanks. This is a good article for those of us who may be heading down that path.

    I think it may be helpful for patients to bring it with them when visiting their oncologist. The charts in the articles are good visual aids and should help the doctor show the patient where they stand now and what treatments they can discuss for the future. In my case, I like to know what else is out there since my own oncologist is so heavily invested in MDV3100.


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