Another “Holy Grail” being touted for diagnosis of high-risk prostate cancer

Another new test — this time (supposedly) reported on-line in the American Journal of Pathology (and scheduled for publication in the June issue of that journal) — has suggested that monitoring genetic variation may be helpful in predicting risk from specific types of prostate cancer. If one is to believe the report in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the new test ‘could represent “the Holy Grail of prostate cancer” by specifying from the start whether aggressive treatment is necessary’ … but then the report is discussing an article from a research team at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, so some local hype is probably to be expected!

Unfortunately, to date, we have not been able to track down either a media release or an actual article on which the article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is based, so we will have to hold off on any discussion of the Holy Grail until we can find some data on which to base our opinions! In the meantime, our friends at The Daily Mail in London are “all over” this important news too.

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  1. In my circles, those with a sense of humour call that London rag, “The Daily Fail.”

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