web site gets face-lift and update

For those who prefer to listen to their prostate cancer updates (as opposed to those that are happy to read) the video-based web site known as has just completed a major overhaul.

In addition to providing links to over 300 brief but informative videos on everything from understanding Gleason grading to penile rehabilitation for men who have received surgical treatment for their prostate cancer., the site now allows you to “sign up” to get information about the availability of new videos as Dr. Chodak makes these available on line.

Dr. Chodak also hopes that the new layout and design of the site has improved the user experience and made specific information easier to find.

Do note that the site is not limited to information about prostate cancer. It also includes information about the management of simple, non-cancerous, enlargement of the prostate that occurs commonly as men age (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH).

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