Video presentation/discussion about new drugs in development

For those who are interested in seeing a 30-minute video of a presentation and discussion about the development of new drugs like abiraterone, MDV3100, TAK-700 (orteronel), and others, just click here. This video comes from a continuing medical education activity presented in association with the Genitourinary Cancers symposium in San Francisco back in February.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for mentioning our blog, We just had a book come out that is aimed at providing knowledge about clinical trials to people living with cancer. We would love for folks to take a look at the book.

    Although the blog and book are for all cancer patients, since I am focused on prostate cancer, there will be quite a bit of prostate cancer-oriented content. We will be posting a podcast on novel therapies I did with Andy Armstrong from Duke and also another, more comprehensive lecture on new treatments for advanced prostate cancer that I did with Medscape. Would invite folks to join our blog to have access to these upcoming posts.

    All the best.

    Tom Beer

  2. Just posted another lecture on new treatments for prostate cancer. This one is a little more comprehensive than the previous one. It was developed with Medscape. We invite anyone with an interest to take a look.

    All the best,

    Tom Beer

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