U.S. Senate recognizes needs of African Americans re prostate cancer

Yesterday, by unanimous consent, the U.S. Senate approved a resolution recognizing that the occurrence of prostate cancer in African-American men has reached epidemic proportions and urging Federal agencies to address that health crisis by supporting education, awareness outreach, and research specifically focused on how prostate cancer affects African Americans.

The full text of the resolution (S.RES.529) is yet to appear on the Thomas web site. However, the full text is available if you just click here. A media release is still expected from the office of the sponsor of the resolution, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. Additional information is already available in an article on the web site of The Hill, where Senator Kerry is quoted as stating:

This disease killed my dad, but I was lucky to beat it ten years ago, and I introduced this resolution in the Senate to bring attention to this silent killer, how it disproportionately affects African Americans, and the need for additional federal investment in prostate cancer research, education and awareness. I’ve been through the battle against prostate cancer and I understand the strain a diagnosis places on the patient and their loved ones.

Unfortunately there are no funds associated with this type of resolution, which is one of the reasons why it is easy for members of both political parties to support such language. However, the recognition of the need is an important step at a political level. It allows advocates to point out to their representatives that members of the Senate were unanimous in their agreement that more support is necessary in this arena.

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