Presidential proclamation of National Prostate Cancer Awareness month

Once again, the President has signed and issued a presidential proclamation of National Prostate Cancer Awareness month. However, the fact that this has “become routine” doesn’t mean it will always stay this way. Vigilance is good.

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    I am always grateful for the President’s staunch support of prostate cancer research, which includes the DOD-managed Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP). As many of us know, the PCRP provided important support to the now thriving Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium, the organization that is speeding important drugs through the clinical trials process and on to FDA review and approval.

    Last year he had an unusual ally, Rep. Cliff Stearns of Florida. Rep. Stearns launched a key amendment that prevented a substantial drop ($16 million out of $80 million) in funding for the PCRP. It is amusing that he and the President are on the same page here, as Rep. Stearns is a well known “birther.”

  2. Words are cheap. In Dutch, “Geen woorden maar daden,” i.e., “No words but deeds,”

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