Are you currently undergoing treatment for metastatic prostate cancer?

Delve Research is currently seeking a small number of US-based individuals who are currently being treated for metastatic prostate cancer and who are willing to participate in a week-long research study. There is no travel or additional treatment involved. However, patients must meet specific eligibility criteria to participate.

If you might be interested in participating in this study, please call 866-751-8233 and ask for Dave at ext. 25. You will ask a few qualifying questions. All answers are strictly confidential. Delve Research is offering what appears to be very reasonable compensation to patients for their time in participating in this study.

6 Responses

  1. I would like to participate but contacting Delve Research is not possible as caller is put on indefinite hold.

  2. Hi. This is Leslie from Delve. Sorry about the interminable hold. We have been calling people back who have left messages. You may also try calling 1-855-828-1956 and leave a message. Please state that you are calling about the Prostate Cancer study and leave the best number we can use to contact you during the day.

    We will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

  3. I did get through, but note that they are currently only looking for people with metastatic prostate cancer.

  4. OK …well, I guess that isn’t me then. Thanks anyway. Erren

  5. Thanks Terry. I have adjusted the original message accordingly. Unfortunately I was not aware of this whewn I posted the original message above.

  6. Yes, I am still being taken care for my prostate cancer, which hit a high PSA of 41 before starting radiation. Lupron shot every 90 days ongoing at this point more than 2 years later. Estrogen patches to handle hot flashes. Floweze to pee. Go figure, but still above ground!

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