Rahr makes $7 million donation to support prostate cancer research “dream team”

According to a media release issued earlier today by the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), New York philanthropist Stewart Rahr has personally donated $7 million to support the joint PCF-Stand Up To Cancer Dream Team and other research programs sponsored by PCF.

The PCF media release goes on to state that $5 million of the donation by Mr. Rahr will be used to support the seven-institution, international project to be led by Drs. Arul Chinnaiyan at the University of Michigan and Charles Sawyers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. This unique research program will focus on developing protocols (based on genomics and informatics, pathology, bioethics, clinical genetics and clinical oncology) that will deliver precision therapies to patients within five weeks of a positive biopsy.

According to PCF’s president and CEO, Jonathon Simons, MD, “Stewart Rahr has been a huge supporter of the work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and we are extremely grateful for his continued generosity.”

Mr. Rahr was formerly the owner of pharmaceutical and generics wholesaler Kinray, which was the largest, privately owned pharmaceutical distributor in the world. In 2010 Mr. Rahr sold Kinray to Cardinal Health.

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  1. I donated $12.95 and got a PCF baseball hat.

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