Managing metabolic syndrome in men at risk for progressive prostate cancer

Over a month ago we reported on a paper by Häggström et al. that noted an increased risk of death among patients with prostate cancer and metabolic syndrome.

In a new commentary, just published on line on the Medscape web site, that discusses the same paper by Häggström and her colleagues, Dr. Gerald Chodak has noted his opinion that urologists are not necessarily fully “tuned in” to the risks associated with the combination of metabolic syndrome and prostate cancer.

Dr. Chodak expresses his personal opinion that patients with prostate cancer would be wise to ensure that things like their body mass index, blood pressure, glucose levels, triglyceride levels, etc. are being carefully monitored.

If this is not being done by one’s urologist, it can certainly be done by one’s primary care physician or by a cardiologist to ensure that these risk factors for co-morbidity are being carefully controlled. This is certainly of particular importance for patients receiving treatment with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) of any type (e.g., with an LHRH agonist or any other form of hormone manipulation).

The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink regularly points out that things like excess body mass, elevated cholesterol levels, and other indicators of risk for metabolic syndrome are significant risk factors for all men with prostate cancer — and most particularly for those men who are receiving ADT. Changes in diet, regular exercise, and other processes can be helpful in reducing one’s risk for metabolic syndrome … but drug therapy may be advisable or essential for those men who cannot reduce their risk for metabolic syndrome through behavioral changes alone.

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