240+ prostate cancer presentations and posters at GU Oncology meeting

On Thursday and Friday this week, 240+ posters and oral presentations will be given on prostate cancer alone at the Genitourinary Oncology Symposium in Orlando. The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink intends to summarize key points from the most important of these presentations and posters, but there is no way we shall be able to summarize them all, so …

For those interested in reviewing the on-line abstracts of all 245 of these papers, please click here for a complete listing of the titles of all of the prostate cancer papers to be presented. You can then click on the individual titles to see the actual abstract of each paper.

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  1. Bad news from the Phase III READY trial of docetaxel + prednisone + dasatinib in men with mCRPC.

    21-month median overall survival before the newly approved drugs were fully used by all the patients in this trial is impressive though. If this trial were to be repeated today, we might even see a median overall survival of 24+ months.

    This makes me wonder if this is the same trial population as the original docetaxel trial though.

  2. Dear Summer:

    I would be surprised if a detailed comparison showed that the patients in this trial were closely comparable to those in the original docetaxel trial. My guess would be that these patients had a lower tumor burden that those in the original study. The patients in the current study also come from a much larger and diverse set of clinical settings than those in the original docetaxel trial.

    I should also note that results like this for this trial were expected by some since the final study data were supposed to be available in August last year but there had been no announcement of a positive result from Bristol-Myers Squibb.

  3. Mike:

    Have fun, but if you get bored …

    Mosquito Lagoon is only about an hour drive away and you can hire a guide and catch redfish, sea trout, and maybe a tarpon with either a spinning or fly rod. Let me know if you want a guide recommendation.


  4. Thanks Bill … but I think I shall have quite enough to keep me busy … and if I didn’t I’d just spend the spare time swimming!

  5. Yes, I would go swimming, because I do not like the way prostate cancer and its treatments have become big businesses, full of hype and publicity to attract patients and to secure fame and reputations. For me, your most important posts were those concerned with proton beam therapy. These really started me thinking harder about cancer and big business competition. The pist on funding decreases were breaths of fresh air and calm reason. I doubt that the decrease was due totally for money-saving reasons,

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