Protons and profts: the economics that drive new medical technologies today

Luke Timmerman is a nationally respected health care journalist who specializes in writing about new healthcare technologies and writes regulary for an online business web site called Recently he took a tour of the new, $152 million ProCure proton beam radiation facility in Seattle. Click here to get his take.

3 Responses

  1. The Mayo Clinics, who are about as conservative as you can get, are putting in two proton units. Proton patients have higher rates of thinking they chose the right treatment for prostate cancer than any other treatment, by far. Hospitals that have proton treatment technology say they are great. Those that don’t say protons are not a “proven” therapy.

  2. Makes you want to throw up your hands and say, “Screw it, no more PSA tests, no more biopsies, I’ll take my chances on watchful waiting and stay intact, continent, and potent till I die of something.”

  3. Dear Doug:

    I know several specialists at the Mayo Clinic (and not just in the realm of prostate cancer) who would be horrified at the idea that the Mayo Clinic is “about as conservative as you can get” since they would consider it to be at the cutting edge of research!

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