Video discussion on the management of advanced prostate cancer

Many patients with advanced forms of prostate cancer may be interested in watching a new, 8-minute-long video discussion between a group of three urologists and a senior urology practice adminstrator about practise evolution in the treatment of advanced, and specifically metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer.

The discussants include:

  • Raoul D. Concepcion, MD, Director of Clinical Research, Urology Associates, PC, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Daniel R. Saltzstein, MD, Medical Director, Urology San Antonio Research, San Antonio, Texas
  • Bryan Mehlhaff, MD, Principal Investigator, Division of Clinical Research, Oregon Urology Institute, Springfield, Oregon
  • Steve Dobbs, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, Urologic Associates of Oklahoma, Tulsa, Oklahoma

To access this OncLiveTV video, please click here. There is no registration fee or charge to watch this video.

One Response

  1. Very a propos, given the discussion on the other item on the same distribution, re CancerLinkQ.

    What concerns me greatly is that urologists are more concerned about remaining “nimble” and retaining fees when they are not best qualified to administer these newer treatments. Side effects from Provenge, for example, are best treated by an internist, not a urologist!

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