Expert opinion on ADT for CRPC today

As regular readers will be well aware, the implementation of varying types of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) in hormone-sensitive and in castration-resistant forms of progressive prostate cancer is evolving. Five or so years from now we may be looking at a very different set of ways to use ADT than those we have been used to.

In the meantime, the appropriate use of ADT in the management of men with castration-resistant prostate cancer CRPC) is a much discussed topic. A new article on the Medscape Oncology web site from Mary-Ellen Taplin, MD (“Secondary hormone therapy for castration-resistant prostate cancer“) offers her expert opinion on this issue that will be of interest to some of our readers with progressive and high-risk disease.

As usual, to be able to access the Medscape web sites, you do have to register to become a members, but you can avoid receiving too many bothersome e-mails without a lot of effort, and access to Medscape is free (but you do have to put up with the advertising).

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  1. In case anyone is considering at trip to Dana Farber, it is my personal opinion that Dr. Taplin is a terrific clinical doctor. I visited with her several years ago.

    Bill Manning

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