Some things are just worth repeating … regularly

Once upon a time there was a prostate cancer patient with metastatic disease called Harry Pinchot. For years Harry worked tirelessly with the Prostate Cancer Research Institute to inform and educate men and their families about prostate cancer and its management.

Harry spoke frequently at support groups meetings and at conferences about all the things we talk about on this blog … but there was one speech Harry used to give that was very different, and if you want to read it you will find it archived on

For the patients: pay attention damn it!

For their partners and other caregivers: this will be good for your egos!

3 Responses

  1. What is missing from the retelling of the story is that Harry, so sadly, ended up a victim of PC-SPES. I think it is worth telling as part of his story that faith in miracle elixirs can be very dangerous.

  2. No question that Harry will be remember as a pioneer advocate for us prostate cancer patients. I was privileged to have known him and to benefit from his wisdom and passion to help others. Always good to keep Harry close to our hearts.

  3. So definitely a need to be read and re-read not only to appreciate the good deeds of Harry Pinchot, but to reflect on ourselves. Harry’s message should be sent to every patient upon diagnosis as well as to the spouse/partner/caregiver of that patient.

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