Roche to take over development of INO-5150 in prostate cancer

Apparently Roche/Genentech is hoping that a development-stage agent known as INO-5150 will allow them to enter the prostate cancer arena.

According to a media release issued this morning, Roche has done a deal with Inovio Pharmaceuticals that will allow Roche and its subsidiaries (e.g., Genetech in the USA) to take over the clinical development of INO-5150, which is a dual-antigen synthetic DNA vaccine that targets prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Some basic information about INO-5150 can be found in the Inovio web site. Data from studies in Macaque monkeys (announced back in 2011) have shown that vaccination with INO-5150 generated strong and robust T-cell immune responses and that these responses were the highest generated by any type of PSA-based immunotherapy in animal studies. INO-5150 is presumably now back on the fast-track to enter Phase I/II clinical trials in prostate cancer in the near future.

Operating largely through its Genentech division, Roche has built a very strong pipeline of drugs used in the treatment of cancer (examples include trastuzumab/Herceptin in the treatment of breast cancer and drugs like rituximab/Rituxan and bevacizumab/Avastin that are used in several different types of cancer). However, to date, they have not had a significant presence in the prostate cancer space. We shall be keeping our eye on this product and its development.

2 Responses

  1. Waiting on this trial INO-5150. When will it be available? My doctor tells me it should be any time.

  2. Dear Steve:

    Apparently Inovio and Roche/Genentech terminated the agreement to co-develop INO-5150 some time ago last year (see this press release). According to the press release Inovio is now planning start Phase I trials for INO-5150 some time this year … but there is no information about any clinical trials on as yet.

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