SWOG seeks patient input on cancer survivorship

The Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) has made available a survey tool about cancer survivorship that is open to all cancer survivors (whether or not you have participated in clinical trials of any type). SWOG’s prostate cancer patient representative has asked us to make this available to the prostate cancer community.

The goal of this survey is strictly to gather data to improve patient participation in clinical trials.

The survey is entirely anonymous. (You are not asked for your name or or any other contact information.) In addition, you can answer as many or as few of the questions as you wish. The only qualification for participation in the survey is that you must have been diagnosed with some form of cancer.

Patients who want more information about how these data will be used should fee able to contact Karen Anderson at Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB), which is a non-profit organization partnered with SWOG whose purpose is to help conquer cancer and other diseases through the application of biostatistical principles and innovative data management methods.

One Response

  1. Thank you to all who have responded. Just a reminder that you can distribute this poll to any cancer survivor regardless of point of origin of that cancer. But we do and want more prostate cancer responders. Again, thanks.

    Tony Crispino
    SWOG Patient Advocate (Prostate Cancer)

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