Can Dendreon continue on its own?

According to a report on the web site, Dendreon “is seeking a buyer after sales of its prostate-cancer treatment failed to meet expectations.” The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink has no “inside scoop” on this, but it would be a terrible shame if such an innovative approach to cancer therapy were to go off the market.

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  1. Provenge has been advertising on television very heavily. At least on the Military Channel and some sports events. It does cost about $93,000 per person, involves about a month of treatment, and avoids most of the side effects of regular chemo. According to a news article I read, it extends life a median of 4.1 months. (Indeed, in the Provenge commercial, it is stated that Provenge has been found to extend life in certain cases.) That seems to be similar to the claims of Avastin.

    Does that actually mean that you can only expect to live about 4 months longer than if you received no treatment? If so, that would (ignoring cost) seem to make Provenge something of an obvious choice, given that the quality of your remaining life would be better without the chemo side effects.

  2. Doug:

    The survival benefit of ~ 4 months associated with sipuleucel-T (Provenge) treatment is a median (a type of average) benefit. Some men get no benefit at all; others get a significant benefit (months to a couple of years). However, there are also risks associated with the treatment itself, which requires a series of relatively complex processes. Furthermore, this benefit is limited to men at the early stages of castration resistance (with few symptoms of metastatic CRPC).

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