Reports from the annual meeting of the Society for Urologic Oncology

A series of summary reports from the first day of the 14th annual meeting of the Society for Urologic Oncology (SUO) has recently been made available on the UroToday web site (which is freely accessible to patients, but you do have to register to access it).

The six “Session Highlight” reports are based on a series of presentations and panel discussions and were all focused on factors affecting the use of biomarkers in the diagnosis and work-up of prostate cancer, and and how such vbiomarkers can be utilized to differentiate in a clinically valuable manner between men with more or less aggressive forms of prostate cancer so that their care can be appropriately managed. The reports reflect the opinions of highly respected researchers and clinicians on a variety of significant topics, as follows:

These reports were all written by either Timothy Ito, MD, or Philip Abbosh, MD, of the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Over the next few years we are liable to see some dramatic shifts in our ability to classify the risks presented by clinically definable subtypes of prostate cancer than go way beyond the relatively simplistic D’Amico criteria of low-, intermediate-, and high-risk disease (and its modifications). The use of specific biomarkers in combination with carefully studied clinical and pathological data will be a key factor in the development of a more specific classification system.

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